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Orleans Ave.
Bowling Green, Ohio

vocalist Morgen Stiegler

Morgen Stiegler & The Parkers


Gene Parker - vibes Ray Parker - bass (c) Rick Luettke   

Gene Parker - vibes
Ray Parker - bass
(c) Rick Luettke


In her collaboration with father and son musicians extraordinaire Gene Parker (vibes / flute) and Ray Parker (bass), Morgen is blessed to be spending time exploring the instrumentality of her voice in the interplay of sounds in this intriguing jazz trio settingtraveling "from BeBop to Jobim and back, via Kurt Weill and Michel Legrand."

Benefiting from the wealth of skill, ears, and experience that father & multi-instrumentalist Gene Parker and son & bassist/producer/sound perfectionist Ray bring to the stage, Morgen shares in a distinctively comfortable improvisational freedom that has been unique to her experience of making music with the Parkers.

Listen on SoundCloud or at the link below.